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This restaurant concept is a life-time in the making (and then some!)   Please scroll down to read a bit about it, and the history that has given rise to it.

We have begun the process of seeking space and are currently raising capital to fund the project.  Contingent upon the space we end up leasing (empty shell vs. restaurant-ready, with or without liquor license etc...), we are seeking  $75,000 to $275,000.

One investor or a team of multiple investors is applicable to this project.  If you are interested in pledging, please email me below.  (Minimum pledge of $25,000)


Robert Barger, proprietor

Investment Opportunity

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Meaderville - The Supper Club

Welcome to Meaderville, California.

Meaderville is a destination.

By building on old-world Italian traditions and infusing new-world Southern California style, Meaderville delivers a dining experience like no other.   The supper club’s mission is to re-introduce the true joy of feeling like family when dining together.  


Think.... "Italian Thanksgiving"

Meaderville was an Italian-based suburb in my hometown many years ago.  It gave rise to it's own signature dining experience, which I grew up on.  

History Buff?   Click here to for a brief history of Meaderville, Montana.

Here in 'Meaderville, California' - attention to detail is prevalent, with high priority placed on genuine hospitality, across-the-board consistency and overall high-end product quality.  Through our boutique approach, we take the steak and seafood house to the next level.

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