Welcome to "Meaderville, California".

MEADERVILLE - What is it?



In Butte, Montana’s infancy (late 1800’s), European immigrants coming to the then 'mining camp' tended to band together — and the Italians flocked to an area that would eventually develop into a suburb named Meaderville, otherwise known to locals as “Little Italy.” 

By the late 1920s, Meaderville, unlike other Butte neighborhoods, had taken on a life of its own, with its abundance of restaurants, taverns, night clubs and specialty grocery stores. A number of restaurants flourished in Meaderville, including the Rocky Mountain Cafe, making Meaderville "the place to go" when Butte locals wanted to dine out. 

By the mid-1950s, work had begun on the Berkeley Open Pit Mine, and 10 years later, Meaderville had succumbed to “progress” as the mine encroached on the suburb and forced residents out, in order to expand copper extraction from its rich soil and rock bed below.  

Essentially, Meaderville was swallowed by mining.

Its former residents, however, continued some of its traditions.  Many restaurants went on to open up in Butte (which is proprietor Robert Barger’s hometown by the way) and surrounding areas, utilizing the “Meaderville style of dining”.  Lydia Micheletti (of the Rocky Mountain Cafe) opened up Lydia’s Supper Club, which is still Butte’s premier upscale eatery today.  

Meaderville - the Supper Club pays homage to its heritage and is proud to deliver this spectacular dining experience to a whole new audience of guests here in San Diego. 



By building on old-world Italian traditions and infusing new-world Southern California style, Meaderville delivers a dining experience like no other.   The supper club’s mission is to re-introduce the true joy of feeling like family when dining together.  

Think.... "Italian Thanksgiving"

Attention to detail is prevalent, with high priority placed on genuine hospitality, across-the-board consistency and overall high-end product quality.  Through our boutique approach, we take steak and seafood house to the next level.

Meaderville's supper club dining experience, for the most part, is automatic.

The entire dining experience has been designed by Meaderville, and is executed with ease, in a shared manner.  Attentive service pays attention to every detail while anticipating guests' needs.  Each guest chooses only their entree.  The experience moves through the evening with an intertwining of coursed-out, family-style dining...from start to finish.

Mission statement -->  One Word:  Joy.

Joy for our guests.  Joy for our staff.  Joy for all.

“To allow each of our guests to escape their element and be welcomed into ours’, where we consistently deliver joy though our exceptional and unique family-style dining experience.”

At Meaderville, we recognize that in order to achieve our mission, we must take care of our guests completely.   This calls for true, unparalleled service with the removal of any effort on their part, wherever and whenever possible.  We achieve this consistently through genuine hospitality, attention to detail, truly-attainable quality-assurance numbers, and spectacular flavor.

Perceived value is critical to the design and integrity of the Meaderville concept.  

In the current local San Diego restaurant environment, ‘big business’ seems to be the strategy of many restaurateurs...rather than hospitality.  

It would seem that the dining experience has gotten a bit lost and overall service seems to be of low priority.  San Diego's food scene has turned to one of opulence and extravagance.  

Within our competition today, you no longer necessarily get everything you pay for.

The Meaderville experience of being truly taken care of at a fair, justified cost...fixes this.

Meaderville over-delivers to our guests, with pleasure and pride in doing so.

Priority is also on quality. 

Quality of product, quality of service, and overall quality of the dining experience.  

Meaderville is a smaller upscale eatery, with a maximum one time seating capacity of 40 patrons (ideal is 38 → 30 in dining room and 8 at bar).  This patron capacity allows for close monitoring of quality assurance through managing the precision of detail.     

Goal=75 quality covers (happy guests) every night.

Higher Quality.  

Lower Inventory.  

Lower Overhead. → Higher Profitability 

(allowing pricing in the guest’s favor).  → Higher Perceived (and Actual) Value.

Regardless of what night of the week it is...

The dining room at Meaderville looks the same;  full and happy.

Robert Barger, Proprietor / Maitre D


Robert’s restaurant career started in 1993.  Though he does have a true love for cooking as well as having had a couple of brief stints on the commercial kitchen line, Robert has honed his craft and established his expertise in the front of the house, for the past 25 years.  At some point within his career, he has held all positions including dishwasher, busser, polisher, expediter, bartender, bar-back, back waiter, front/lead waiter, has worked in banquets including hotels and on ships and yachts, and has worked large scale catering functions.  He has also worked in restaurant management which taught him a skill set for managing people and employees, labor and food costing, as well as extensive bookkeeping practices.

Robert also established and owned the restaurant uniform and waitstaff tool supply company, Server Station Workwear & Supply, from 2004 until 2016.  There he learned the ins and outs of business ownership and liability.  The entrepreneur also developed ‘Prowaitstaff - H.O.S.T. Systems’, an advanced waitstaff training firm, in 2010 and operated that for 5 years.  He taught workshops monthly at the San Diego Food & Beverage Association and was contracted for full scale  staff training programs by individual restaurants.

Joanna Rockwell, Chef



Joanna Rockwell began her culinary career in 2010 by attending The French Culinary Institute (now called the International Culinary Center) where she received her Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts. During her schooling, she worked under Chef Craig Koketsu at the seasonal establishment, Park Avenue Summer in New York City. After over a year of gaining the skills needed to be an efficient line cook she moved on to intern at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and gained experience as a freelance cook in the test kitchen for the publication Everyday Food.

After working outside of the pressures of restaurant life, Joanna felt the need to go back into the kitchen and once moving to San Diego she was back on the line at the prestigious Bertrand At Mister A’s working under Chef Stephane Voitzwinkler. In November 2012, the opportunity came to work under Chef Ryan Johnston at Whisknladle Hospitality, where she would gain the experience she needed to eventually be promoted to Executive Chef of Prepkitchen Little Italy in 2015. Plans for Joanna are to embark on a new challenge with Whisknladle to open Park Commons, an event space and food hall, as the Executive Chef.